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InkSpector 2 is an accurate Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows. The previous InkSpector 1 screensaver page has been archived here


System Requirements:
A PC running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or later.


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Release Date
SHA-1 Checksum
2.0.5 [501f0ea5e2] Installer .exe 10.3 MB 13.04.2023
2.0.5 [501f0ea5e2] Portable .zip (no screensaver) 11.9 MB 13.04.2023 7be73db51d7e73d086d9a232517534509c8d11a9
2.0.4 [50d413fe7c] Installer .exe 10.2 MB
2.0.4 [50d413fe7c] Portable .zip (no screensaver) 11.6 MB 31.12.2022
2.0.3 [4230143c85] Installer .exe 10.0 MB 07.02.2022
2.0.3 [4230143c85] Portable .zip (no screensaver) 11.2 MB 07.02.2022
2.0.2 [a87f6e1769] Installer .exe 9.95 MB
2.0.2 [a87f6e1769] Portable .zip (no screensaver) 11.0 MB 21.12.2021
2.0.1 [0c63990199] Installer .exe 9.9 MB
28.05.2021 e928c5e40a4df52eb1a959ad7361cf6813c17fd0
2.0.1 [0c63990199] Portable .zip (no screensaver) 11.0 MB


Note how in addition to assigning peripherals to the different Spectrum models, you may also assign them to snapshot and recording files, in this case to the file chuckie.rzx to allow its in-game speech (via a Fuller Orator box) to be heard.

Peripherals being chosen

Snapshot Preview

When loading and saving files within Inkspector, a live preview is shown of selected files.

Live preview

RZX Support

Starting a simple recording. Each rollback point has a thumbnail preview.

Recording in progress

Showing the recording after importing horacewoods_hard.rzx, which is a good test case as it contains 522 embedded snapshots!

After importing an existing .rzx

A .rzx recording being verified to test that it completes without losing sync.

horacewoods_hard.rzx being


Showing Microdrive cartridge information. Also showing Keyboard Assist being used to enter the "CAT 1" command.

Microdrive with map view

Showing the Microdrive sector detailed view.

Microdrive sector details

+3 Disk Sector Map

Showing the disk sector view. Sectors most recently read are shown in a deeper green. Most recent writes are shown as red (not shown here). The rate at which they fade back to pale blue is configurable.

Disk sector view


This shows the basic debugger, with the 'Assemble to memory' option being used.

Assembling within the debugger

This image shows the debugger's assembler .lst and .sym file support in action. When loading a snapshot, Inkspector attempts to load a .sym (assembler symbol file) and .lst (assembler listing file) with the same filename. When available and loaded, they are used to improve the disassembly display and make the symbol values accessible anywhere a memory address can be entered into Inkspector - not just in the debugger window (note at present this functionality is turned off by default. It's enabled by switching on the two 'Attempt to...' options at the top of the Debugger options page).

Debugger's symbol support

This is the Z80 registers window. Values changed since the last operation (single step, step over, etc.) are shown in red.

Z80 registers


This screen shows the memory window. Expressions may be entered into the box containing 'pc' on this screen, and if  'Follow' is checked the memory tab will automatically re-evaluate the expression and follow it as the debugger steps through code . Hex bytes shown in blue indicate there is a symbol with a value corresponding to that byte's address. Clicking on the byte will show the symbol name. In this screenshot, address $abd1 has been clicked on, which corresponds to the symbol 'MoveBaddies.exploding'.

Memory window

Keyboard Assist

To make it easier to enter commands into the 16K and 48K Spectrums, Keyboard Assist may be used. Type out the BASIC command in full, and keyboard assist will enter them for you (taking care of any 'E' modes, etc., that may be required to select the commands). Commands may also be shortened with a period, as long as it doesn't make them ambiguous. E.g. "pr." expands into PRINT. But "co." will not expand as it could be interpreted as CONTINUE or COPY. In that case "con." or "cop." could be used. Keyboard assist also works in 128K (and later) BASIC but of course without as much benefit.

Keyboard assist

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